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The AAAM® is dedicated to the teaching of aesthetic medicine to those licensed physicians who have a scientific interest in exploring the aesthetic medical facet of their clinical practice. This can enhance your practice no matter what the medical specialty, therefore, membership in the AAAM® is open to a wide variety of medical practitioners; dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, endocrinologists, family practitioners, phlebologists, cosmetic dentists, ophthalmologists and ENT specialists, to name but a few. 

Our goal at the AAAM® is to provide quality education for the development of clinical skills in aesthetic medicine to our members, by organizing and sponsoring congresses, colloquia, seminars and workshops through the United States. This clinical training will equip American aesthetic medical practitioners with the latest national and international techniques, technologies, pharmaceuticals and programs that focus on aesthetic medicine. 

An important benefit of membership in the AAAM® for American physicians practicing aesthetic medicine is the role of the AAAM® internationally. The American Academy of Aesthetic medicine is the 15th member country of the International Union of Aesthetic Medicine (UIME). The UIME membership currently represents European and South American member countries where the practice of aesthetic medicine is popular and well accepted. The President of the AAAM®, Dr. Michel Delune is a dermatologist, originally from Brussels, Belgium, who is an honorary president of the UIME. 

Just a few of the benefits AAAM® members receive include:

  • Discounts for registrations to all congresses sponsored by the UIME and the AAAM®
  • Discounts for registrations to all AAAM® courses (web site www.aaamed.org)
  • Newsletters and bulletins that feature leading edge information and details on meetings and workshops in your area
  • Updates of information gathered from the Aesthetic Medicine global community, informing members of the latest in innovations, procedures and products from a worldwide perspective


  • Regular Member (MD, DO, DDS, ND, PHD) 

    US$ 175.00
  • Associated Member (Industry, Pharmacists, Chemists) 

    US $250.00

  • Sponsorship Member (Industry and/or individuals who wish to become a Sponsorship Member play an important role in allowing the AAAM® to provide regular printed material to the membership and keep AAAM® Members connected with the Aesthetic Medicine Community. Sponsoring members are recognized for their contribution to AAAM® at all AAAM® Congresses and Courses, receive recognition in printed material and on the web, and are entitled to discounted rates in the Exhibit portion of each meeting. Please contact us for more information.

    US $2,500.00

The membership application fees above covers your membership on a 12-month basis and will expire on the same month the following year. 

Please note that we will notify within 7 days confirming receipt of your application and once it has been successfully processed, you will receive your official AAAM® Membership Welcome Package within 2-4 weeks. 

For all enquiries, please contact the AAAM Secretariat, at: +1-310-944-1790 
or email: 

Click here for Online application for membership 

Download form for membership details and application 


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