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Dear Colleagues

Welcome to our training courses in Aesthetic Medicine developed for beginners and advanced medical practitioners. 

With over 10 years of training and product expertise, our training courses have been developed to give you all the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in your chosen Aesthetic area.

Through our training courses in Aesthetic Medicine, physicians will gain: 
- training by worldwide faculty whom are experts in their respective fields. For example, we have dermatologists to teach dermatology, aesthetic surgeons to teach aesthetic surgery and aesthetic doctors recognized by their national society of aesthetic medicine to teach aesthetic medicine 
- real time intensive hands on training on real patients
- physicians will be equipped with latest international techniques, technologies and pharmaceuticals in Aesthetic Medicine.

The American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM®) forms a part of the International Union of Aesthetic Medicine, which has twenty-seven member societies, and as such, you will enjoy the added benefits of information and expertise from a global perspective. Our courses are the only ones recognized in USA and in Asia by UIME (International Association of Aesthetic Medicine). UIME has more than 5000 members.

The quality in our Aesthetic Medicine training courses prepares students to set up their practice and work in the field giving them the tools and A-Z knowledge expected from today's medical aesthetic professionals.

In addition, AAAM® was invited by the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV) to organize a one-day pre-congress sister society satellite symposium in London, during the recent EADV annual congress held in London, October 12-16, 2005. I am very glad to inform you that AAAM® is invited again by EADV to set up such a satellite Symposium, during the next EADV annual Congress to be held in Vienna, Austria, May 16-19, 2007. AAAM® is the only Aesthetic Medicine society in the world to have been invited to organise such a prestigious event.

There are three levels to our courses:

LEVEL 1: Certification in Aesthetic Medicine

During this three-day course, the attendees will become familiar with the basics in Aesthetic Medicine. The course involves lectures, live workshops and hands-on.

LEVEL 2: Diploma in Aesthetic medicine

This is a five day advanced course in Aesthetic Medicine with live workshops and hands-on.

AAAM® Board Examination

After having completed levels 1 and 2, Diploma holders are eligible to apply for Board Certification in Aesthetic Medicine conferred by AAAM®.

I look forward to your participation in our courses and I certainly hope that our professionals can transfer our international skillsets and knowledge so that this becomes an added asset to your practice.

Michel Delune, M.D. 
President of AAAM®
UIME Founding member and Honorary president. 



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