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Worldwide faculty are proven industry leaders who have a strong desire to share their vast knowledge with you.

Dr. Michel Delune
Dr. Michel Delune Dermatologist
International President American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
Laguna Niguel, California
Michael Stevens, MD
Michael Stevens, MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon
Vice President American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
Visalia, California
Mariangel Acevedo, MD
Mariangel Acevedo, MD Aesthetic Medicine
Caracas, Venezuela

Dr Michel Akl
Dr Michel Akl Olean, New York
Dr Haneef Alibhai
Dr Haneef Alibhai BSc, MD, CM, CCFP, FCFP
Mark Baily, MD
Mark Baily, MD Aesthetic Medicine
Toronto, Canada
Thomas Berger, MD
Thomas Berger, MD Dermatologist
Erlangen, Germany
José R. Cabo-Soler, PhD
José R. Cabo-Soler, PhD Aesthetic Medicine
Desmer Destang, DDS, MSc
Desmer Destang, DDS, MSc Aesthetic Medicine
St. Lucia
Hichem Bensmail, MD
Hichem Bensmail, MD Obstetrician Gynecologist Surgeon
Alejandro Espaillat, MD
Alejandro Espaillat, MD Ophthalmologist
Melbourne, Florida
Lewis M. Feder, MD
Lewis M. Feder, MD Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon
New York, New York
Dr. Nadine Hamada
Dr. Nadine Hamada Dermatologist, Laser Specialist, Cairo, Egypt.
Pierre Fournier, MD
Pierre Fournier, MD Cosmetic Surgeon
Paris, France
Krzysztof Gojdz, MD, PhD
Krzysztof Gojdz, MD, PhD Aesthetic Medicine
Warsaw, Poland
Craige Golding, MBChB
Craige Golding, MBChB Anti-Aging Physician
South Africa
Dr Rashad Haddad
Dr Rashad Haddad Cosmetic Gynaecology
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dr Rami Haidar
Dr Rami Haidar BDS MFDS RCS (UK)
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist
Aesthetics Training Consultant
Dr. Kwun Cheung-Hau
Dr. Kwun Cheung-Hau Dermatologist
Hong Kong, China
Prof. John S. Kim, M.D., FAAFP
Prof. John S. Kim, M.D., FAAFP Laser Surgeon & Cosmetic/Aesthetic Physician
Cerritos, California
Dr Zubin Mandlewala
Dr Zubin Mandlewala Dermatology

Jose Marquez-Serres, MD
Jose Marquez-Serres, MD Plastic Surgeon
Seville, Spain
S. Ali Modarressi GH
S. Ali Modarressi GH Plastic, Reconstructive, & Aesthetic Surgery
Geneva, Switzerland
Enrique Monasterio, MD
Enrique Monasterio, MD Aesthetic Medicine
Miami, Florida
Bijan Motamedi, MD
Bijan Motamedi, MD Mesotherapy & Emergency Medicine
Burbank, California
Manon Pilon
Manon Pilon Author and Medspa Consultant
Quebec, Canada
Prof. Mucio Porto
Prof. Mucio Porto Plastic Surgeon
Brasilia, Brazil
Omnia M. Samra-Latif MD, MPH, FACOG
Omnia M. Samra-Latif MD, MPH, FACOG Obstetrics and Gynecology,
Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine
Hamilton, New Jersey
Rolf Soehnchen, MD
Rolf Soehnchen, MD Dermatologist
Hamburg, Germany
Dr. Riekie Smit
Dr. Riekie Smit Aesthetic & Sports Physician
Pretoria, South Africa
Dr. Marcelo Suarez
Dr. Marcelo Suarez Cosmetic Phlebology
Chicago, Illinois
Akaki Tsilosani, MD, PhD
Akaki Tsilosani, MD, PhD Hair Transplant Surgeon
Tbilisi, Georgia
Salome Vadachkoria
Salome Vadachkoria Hair Transplant Surgical Assistant
Tbilisi, Georgia
Eduardo Weiss, MD
Eduardo Weiss, MD Dermatologist
Hollywood, Florida
Dr Argero Xaftellis
Dr Argero Xaftellis Cosmetic Surgeon
Perth, Australia
Martin Zaiac, MD
Martin Zaiac, MD Dermatologist
Miami, Florida
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